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Regency Shores - sales

Regency Shores SL are one of Europe's leading sales and marketing companies. We specialise in the selling of property and resort sales, as well as having many years of experience marketing leisure and travel industry products and services.

We have effective programs that can cope quickly and effectively with any sales need you may have. We have experience, expertise and above the drive to help push your products and services. Regency Shores have an unmatched reputation in both Spain and Britain for achieving success where others have failed.

Although we are based in Spain we have a very strong English speaking sales force as well as the ability to market your products or services in; French, Spanish, German and Russian. Regency Shores have repeatedly been proven successful with a range of clients, who have had a wide variety of marketing needs. Whatever language your customer may speak, Regency Shores will always be talking their language.

Regency Shores - business to business

We have business to business experience, business to consumer, telemarketing, online, inbound, direct mail and email marketing expertise. We have also moved with the times and have a first rate online and inbound marketing capability. This includes every aspect of online marketing. We have extensive knowledge of search engine optimisation,PPC campaign design, website design, web development, email and html marketing, as well as conversion rate improvement and A/B testing.

In sort Regency Shores have every aspect of traditional and modern markeing solutions ready and available for your company to use today. We have a proven track record in every aspect of sales and marketing. We have the same commitment to your business that you have. If you want to see your sales figures improve, today, contact us now and let us quote for you business. We have the expertise, we have the will to succeed.

Regency Shores are a highly professional, well managed and thoroughly ethical sales and marketing organisation. Well have the staff, experience, and the will to market your product or service. If you are in need of marketing expertise, allow Regency Shores to compete for your business. We welcome all sales and marketing enquiries.

Contact Regencys Shores SL now with any marketing requirement and allow us to tailor a package to your needs.

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